Tower Beach Club Event Space Rental

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Price: $6,000.00
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Availability: Book up to 18 months in advance
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Included Services

When you rent the Tower Beach Club venue, you can do your own food and beverage, select your own caterers, or hire your own event coordinator to set-up everything for you. Your choice. We don't force you to buy food and beverages thru us at jacked up rates. No $12 drinks, $120 per plate tie-ins, or $1000 table service bottles here!

Do as much or as little as you like yourselves. If you want an event coordinator, we can recommend one for you or you can choose your own, or go without. We also include chairs and tables free, so you don't get nickel and dimed. 

Here's what comes with every full venue booking:

  • Stylish 2500 square foot waterfront deck with two VIP lounge areas
  • Modern 1800 square foot indoor space
  • Luxury bathrooms onsite
  • 120 white chairs
  • Twelve 72" round top tables (seat 10 each)
  • Eight high-top bar tables
  • Center of venue indoor/outdoor open air bar
  • Basic audio visual equipment use
  • Use of the BBQ and two gas fire tables
  • Help identifying and planning any rental services you will need to get
  • Referrals to vendors
  • Onsite venue management of facility for the day of event, start to finish. Note this is NOT an "event coordinator", "wedding coordinator", or "day of coordinator" for your event. You will be required to provide your own, or we can refer to to event coordinators who can do that for you, but that's an extra service. This is just someone there to keep an eye on our venue, help coordinate your vendor set-up, and let you and your vendors know where stuff is.

Required Extras

  • Mandatory $150 post event cleaning fee for all events

There is good and bad news when having your wedding on what is basically an island in Mission Bay. The view and vibe are unparalleled. It's like being on a tropical island right here in San Diego. Your guests can arrive by boat if you like. Or we can have a dozen jet skis or catamarans on the beach for your guests to use. Unfortunately, the on-premise restrooms are more like beach bathrooms, not upscale event bathrooms. And more importantly, this end of the island has been known to lose water for hours at a time on occasion, so we always require luxury restroom trailers for any mission critical events like the biggest day of your life, your wedding, or anything with bigger crowds. 

Available for an additional charge

  • Water taxis (to add to the uniqueness of our waterfront venue and to make a truly unforgettable entrance, many events opt to have their guests arrive by boats, which we can arrange for you)
  • Permitting ($200 permit fee if you want to use the lawn)
  • Water activity coordination (Boats, jet skis, SUP, Kayak, etc. right next door)
  • For everything else, we have a curated list of vendors we can recommend for you or you can find you own. We take no cut, just here to help you out as needed. 

Special Note on Parking

The Tower Beach Club is on the beachfront of what is basically an island in Mission Bay. There is an immediately adjacent parking lot for 100 cars and across on the other side of the island/peninsula there is parking for another 200 cars. This is San Diego Park and Rec all day public parking for people visiting the beach and bay, and thus on busy weekends and in the summer it's hard to find a single spot at times, much less spots for your 100 guests. In the evenings, mid-week all day, and daily in the off-summer season, the lot can be nearly empty. 

There is no way to reserve or guarantee parking for your event guests, so plan accordingly. Often times, the day and time of your event means parking won't be an issue at all. Sometimes, you've got to plan around it and either instruct your guest to all Uber in and out, or provide park and ride transportation from elsewhere. It's very doable anytime, you just have to plan accordingly. We've hosted events for 1400 people without issue. We've got a dock, so even if it's the busiest summer day of the year, your guests can arrive by water taxis that we can arrange. We encourage this as it absolutely adds to the ambiance of your event at the Tower Beach Club - where else can you do that and make your event truly stand out!

Cancellation Policy

People book the Tower Beach Club up to a 18 months in advance at times and availability is limited. For the sake of everyone involved in trying to secure a future event date, it's critical we don't have a full calendar with a bunch of last minute cancellations. As such, upon booking there is a 50% deposit to reserve the space and date. Venue booking reservations are available up to 18 months in advance.

If you cancel more than 60 days prior to the event date, you will get half your deposit back. If you cancel within 30-60 days prior to the event, you lose your entire deposit. If you cancel the event within 30 days prior to the event date, you will lose your entire deposit plus be responsible for full payment of all event costs.

We will consider event date change of requests with 90 days notice. No guarantees we can find another date, but we'll see if another suitable date is open and works for you. Within 90 days of the event, date change requests are unavailable.

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