What is the grey plastic wrench in my repair kit for?

Your board comes with a patch kit and a flat plastic wrench looking thing. This seems to throw a lot of people off as they try to figure out what it's used for prior to inflating their board for the first time. This wrench is included only for removing the H3 inflation valve IN THE EVENT THAT IT'S NOT WORKING PROPERLY. So most people will never have a need for this gray plastic wrench at all. The board comes all ready to go. Just inflate with a pump and go.

If you ever do need to remove the H3 valve, this wrench fits in there around the internal stem and you can turn it counterclockwise to loosen the entire valve. Alternatively, you can turn it clockwise to tighten the entire H3 valve. There is a backend to the valve and they screw together like a jar, but with the skin of the inflatable board sandwiched in between. To use the wrench properly, the board has to be mostly deflated and you have to try and grip the inside piece to hold it in place while you turn the outer piece. Because the skin of the board is pretty thick, it's not so easy to get a good grip on the back side of this valve. It's difficult, but not impossible. This is exactly how the factory installs these valves.

H3 Valve for Inflatable SUPs

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