SUP/Surfboard/Skateboard: All about the detail of each product. From the quality, material, width, thickness, length, the concave has end-up-release for water, the protection they offer and etc.

Wikipedia: Easy to follow the products history and description. Where they came from, why they are necessary, who makes them, who created them and what makes them so special. The history to interesting "did you know" info.

Encyclopedia: A complete article about everything that has to do with beach life style products. A great resource with all the information you need in one spot. This page is about the article that tells you the different between a snorkeling and dive mask. Learn more about this!


Source: the origin of SUP/Surfboard/Skateboard

Wikipedia: An article taking you back through the full history of SUP/Surfboar/Skateboard, where they originated, how they looked and what made them come to popularity. Wondering about this sport? Check this link out. You will be amazed about snorkeling history.


Health Benefits Of SUP: bringing articles to tell you how SUP would make your body stronger and healthier.

Health Fitness Revolution: talking about surfing would provide you more mental benefits, physically stronger, and helps with weight loss.

Ever Skate: it is a blog that tells you how important skateboard would be in your life and what benefits it will bring to your health.

The Healthy Holiday Company: introducing you to benefits of snorkeling. It is a fun and unique form of cardiovascular exercise and muscle strengthening.


Hammer Head Boarding Products: SUP/Surfboard/Skateboard lays out the trendiest type on the market. They even break it down style by style to make it easy and convenient to find the latest trend.

Best Reviews: Best Reviews offers top beach life style product lists to the "best of" basically everything. Check out their top rated Inflatable SUP.

Hawaii Snorkeling Guide: your first and foremost criteria should always be a proper fit. You will learn more on this website.

Online Beach Life Style Product Retailers

Quicksilver: offers a wide variety of surfboard and even offer "Flash" sales on surfboards from time to time.

Yolo Board: this brand offers a variety of SUP styles, brands and price points. A great resources to browse through tons of SUP.

Labor Skate Shop: the best skateboard company in 2015. You will find it very useful for comparing skatboards before making decision.

Dicks sporting goods: a place to find all different type of snorkel mask.

SUP/Surfboard/Skateboard Blogs/Snorkel Mask Blog

Stand Up Zone: Leading only discussion forum for SUP community.

Surfing-Waves: Leading only discussion forum for surfers community.

Skull and Boness Skateboards: Leading only discussion forum for skaters community.

Tropical Snorkeling: Leading only discussion forum for snorkelers community.


Stand Up Paddle Boarding Guide: SUP repair tips, tutorials and installations.

I fix it skateboard repair: 3 replacement guides, 7 techniques.

Surfer Today: surfboard ding repair kits are the best way to protect your plank from water, humidity, salt and sand grains.

Snorkel Mart: guide to equipment care

Where to go?

SUP the mag: This blogs will keep you up to date on all the coolest places to go with your paddle board.

Travel CNN: Trouble finding the best surf spots? Check this link out and it will tell you where you should go for surfing.

Skateboarding transworld: ten best cities on earth for skateboarding.

Islands: world's best island for snorkeling.

Buyers Guide the best tips from buyers guide. buyers guide for surfboards skateboard buyer's guide how to buy a skateboard. what you should know about snorkel mask.