I dinged my SUP board.
How do I repair a paddle board?

All EPS/Epoxy boards can invariably get dinged or damaged. In the event your board does get dinged and it penetrates thru the outer epoxy/glassing skin and into the foam core, you need to get it repaired before taking the board back in the water or you risk getting water in the boards. For a quick fix, you can duck tape (or packing tape, which is rumored to be more waterproof) over the ding to seal the board water tight. Long term, you'll want to either repair the damage yourself or get it professionally repaired.

To repair it yourself, we highly recommend using Solarez epoxy repair resin . It's basically a tube of resin that you squeeze into a hole in your board.

  1. You first need to prepare the hole in your board. Cut out all of the loose and cracked fiberglass and foam with a utility knife.

  2. Once it's a "clean" hole, find a place out of the sun and squeeze the Solarez into the hole.

  3. Next take it out in the sun and let it cure/dry in direct sunlight for about 5 minutes.

  4. Once it dries, sand it down to match the original form of the board. Easy as that.

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