Does Tower Made ship internationally?

Yes and no. We do ship internationally. We will also ship accessories internationally except for 1 or 2 piece paddles. Most of the shipments are through U.P.S., but you will be responsible for the calculated shipping cost. With any international shipment, the brokerage/duty charges fall upon the customer.

Please Note: We will not pay a shipment's duty. Shipments to Puerto Rico, Guam, Alaska, APOs, U.S. Territories or outside the contiguous U.S. are considered "international" orders. Our U.S. shipping rates do not apply here.

We do not ship our hard boards outside the contiguous United States. If you would like to ship a hard board outside of the U.S. you can work with a freight forwarder. We will ship the board to the forwarder (if within the U.S.) and the forwarder can then get the product outside of the country. We do not take responsibility for the product once it is delivered to the forwarder. You will need to work with them to ensure the delivery is accepted and then moved to the next location. We also do not recommend a specific company for this.

*If an international shipment is undeliverable and returned to us, you will be responsible for any additional freight costs to return the product to us.

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Does Tower Made ship internationally?

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