SUP Bag - 11'6" Premium

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SUP board bag for 11'6" paddle board
  • SUP board bag for 11'6" paddle board
  • SUP board bag for 11'6" paddle board nose end
  • Nose handle of SUP board bag for 11'6" paddle board
  • Removeable shoulder strap SUP board bag for 11'6" paddle board
  • Side carrying handle SUP board travel bag for 11'6" paddle board
  • SUP board bag for 11'6" paddle board velcro fin slot
  • Fin slot of SUP board bag for 11'6" paddle board
  • SUP board bag for 11'6" paddle board zipper
  • Expanded tail zipper area SUP board bag for 11'6" paddle board
  • SUP board bag for 11'6" paddle board close up zipper


We designed this sup board bag with the traveler in mind. Take this sup bag on the roof of your car down to the water or check it on a plane for your next vacation. Every detail ensures your SUP will be protected from dents, corrosive ocean water and damaging UV rays all while adding convenience to transporting your paddle board anywhere you (and it) may go.

This SUP bag is designed specifically for a classic stand up paddle board and not an inflatable paddle board. Our inflatable paddle boards are too think to fit in this bag and really don't need to be put into a protective bag as they are very durable. Our wooden paddle board must be placed in a sup bag like this because they can easily get dinged and damaged. Transporting your paddle board can be a tricky process as it can ding or damage if you don't take proper care of it. This is one of the reasons our iSUPs are preferred to the classic stand up paddle board. 

Designed for a SUP 11'6" long by 31" wide by 5" thick, and will fit any boards smaller than this.


  • Blue and silver Tower branded design
  • Reinforced nose and tail. Extra protection for the board's most ding-susceptible areas
  • Comfort grip side carrying handle, nose handle and removable shoulder carrying strap
  • Velcro fin slot. Transport your SUP with the option to keep the fin installed
  • Expanded tail zipper area. Keep your board protected while you install or remove the fin.


Maximum Board Size: 11'6" x 31" x 5"

  • The blue and silver body shell is composed of 600x600D Polyester with an additional waterproof coating.
  • Backside and interior are made with 190g Tarpaulin to repel heat and protect against UV rays
  • The inside for is double laminated 3mm + 3mm. The all-over 6mm foam is perfect for protecting the board during airplane travel
  • The entire board is stitched with COATS Nylon for stronger and more durable seams
  • Heavy duty zippers come with zipper pulls and are make of a non-corrosive Nylon for long-tern reliability even after exposure to salt water
  • Straps have internal and external reinforcement and hefty buckles that prevent unwanted opening and prevent against breakage.

1 review(s)

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Excellent Travel Bag

Review by: from on 6/7/2017
Bought this bag for use with the 10ft6 GSUP. It fits well, the bag is slightly longer than the board itself but works just fine. The bag is well made, I have to take the board up a winding stairwell to my 2nd floor apartment and it keeps the board nicely protected. Also feels safer travelling on the roof rack. The strap is nice to carry the board on your shoulder if you have a longer walk to the water like I do, feels like less muscle used which is then conserved for longer sessions on the water. Went out today and my wife wanted to relax on the sand when I took the GSUP surfing and she loved using the bag to relax on the beach. All around good bag and worth the money.