Adventurer 2" iSUP Package - 10'4

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Adventurer 2 Inflatable Paddle Board Package
  • Adventurer 2 Inflatable Paddle Board Package
  • Adventurer 2 Inflatable Paddle Board
  • Adventurer 2 iSUP
  • Adventurer 2 iSUP bottom
  • Adventurer 2 iSUP nose handle
  • Adventurer 2 iSUP D-Ring Bungee
  • Adventurer 2 Inflatable Paddle Board Rolled
  • Adventurer 2 Inflatable Paddle Board Durability
  • Adventurer 2 Inflatable Paddle Board Handle
  • Adventurer 2 iSUP tail handle
  • Adventurer 2 Inflatable Paddle Board D-Ring

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Introducing the Tower Adventurer 2 Inflatable SUP

Includes a 10'4" by 32" by 6" inflatable SUP, a high-end Tower branded diamond grooved deck pad, a 2+1 fin configuration with a removable center fin, a hand hold strap, a roll-up carrying strap, a cargo net, an extra handle in the front and back, and a leash attachment ring on the tail.

A Giant Leap forward in Inflatable SUP Design

Frankly, virtually all 4" inflatable SUPs (which is pretty much all inflatable SUPs on the market) leave a lot to be desired. That's putting it nicely. They sag in the middle and ride low in the water so you end up standing in a puddle of cold water, which is miserable. The sagging and undulating ride also slows you down. The 6" thick, military grade Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP is dramatically more rigid, plus it floats higher in the water so no wet feet. But this is only one of many advances that set the Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP apart from the competition.

Best Selling Inflatable Paddle Board
The Predecessor to the Adventurer 2 is the Best Selling & Best Rated iSUP Worldwide
(and now we've improved it!)

Amazing Rigidity

The Tower Adventurer Inflatable SUP is made from extremely rugged materials like those youd find on the highly regarded Zodiac boats and extreme river rafts. The amazing rigidity in the Adventurer 2 is created by thousands of vertically oriented strands of identical length that connect the top deck to the bottom. When inflated, they form a structure that has the rigidity of a piece of plywood, and the thicker you go the exponentially more rigid it gets.

You'll be amazed. We can literally put the front tip of the 10'4" x 6" Tower Adventurer 2 on one chair and the rear tip on another chair and a 200 lb person can stand in the middle and you can barely see the thing flex. Do this with most 4" inflatable SUPs and they will taco almost to the floor. Even 3/4" plywood flooring would probably break over this almost 10' span.

A Viable EPS/Epoxy Board Alternative - We're not kidding!

Traditionally, inflatable SUPs were only a consideration for traveling - store one in the cuddy cabin on your yacht, take it with you on the plane, or haul it into that secret mountain lake or river and you can stand up paddle board in the farthest corners of the earth. With the rigidity of the Tower Adventurer 2, an inflatable SUP is now also a viable EPS/Epoxy board alternative for anyone who isn't a die-hard surfer.

Benefits of an Inflatable SUP over an EPS/Epoxy board:

  • Easier to store - When rolled up, it's 1 foot in diameter and 33" wide
  • Indestructible - Never worry again about dings and board cracks. I've literally thrown these things off a 2nd story deck and I frequently set it down anywhere (gravel, a parking lot, even on cement stairs)
  • Easier to transport - No need for roof racks. About the size of a rolled sleeping bag, it easily fits in any car or boat, can be checked on a plane, and can even be strapped onto a bicycle or motorcycle
  • Softer - You can literally play bumper boats with these. Kids can jump from one board to the other like they're jumping on an inner tube. You won't get knocked out in the waves either
  • Easy on the feet - While very rigid, the air does cushion your feet a lot more than a hard board, no matter how good the deck pad is
  • Less expensive - Which also makes it a great idea as a second board for travel or guests

Warning - Beware of cheap inflatable SUP packages

Be weary of newer boards made with the fused process. While they may be lighter, they lose rigidity and durability in this newer construction process and are much lower quality boards overall.

The Tower Adventurer 2 Inflatable SUP is amazingly priced because we sell it direct. It's a high-end, well designed, and well considered inflatable SUP, but at a direct to market price. Just because it is priced about the same, please don't confuse it with many of the cheap inflatable SUP packages on the market, which are characterized by many issues including:

  • Poorly designed detachable fins that frequently fall off during use
  • Cheap bags that are "bundled in", yet you'll never use. A simple strap works fine
  • A seriously annoying sagging issue which leads to wet feet
  • Cheapest available, uncomfortable traction pads.
  • At 4" thick, not suitable floatation-wise for heavier paddlers
  • Questionably designed inflation pumps that come apart
  • Pressure gauges that are not integrated into the pump, so you have to pump, detach, check inflation, pump, detach, check, etc.
  • Lack of a surf leash attachment


Weight: 25 lbs

Dimensions: 10'4" length by 32 width by 6 thickness

Volume: Unknown exactly, but probably 300 Liters plus

Weight Capacity: Up to 400 lbs

Nose Rocker: 4 inches

Tail Rocker: No tail rocker

Fin Configuration: 2+1 plastic fins, with large detachable center fin

Onboard Accessories: Carrying handle, rear surf leash d-ring

Included External Accessories: A detachable SUP center fin, a Tower branded deck pad. Repair kit comes with patches and valve wrench (glue is to be sourced locally)

Construction: High-pressure inflatable (Tested safe to 25 PSI, but only 10-11 PSI is necessary for optimal performance)

228 review(s)

Overall Customer Rating of 228 Reviews:

First paddle board

Review by: from Pennsylvania on 6/10/2019
So this is very first inflatable paddle board my wife and I bought and we couldn’t be anymore satisfied on the performance of the board. We beenon the board twice so far. Calm waters and rough on the lake and board was awesome in the rough water. We actually ordered a second board! Only reason gave it 4 stars cause the hand pump itself. Had to do some work to keep my gauge on the pump. The gauge itself comes out of the treads. Easy fix. With some Teflon tape.

Excellent service and product

Review by: from on 5/27/2019
Came just as described and on time. Just spent 3 days using it on a lake, and I love it! Just what I was hoping for. It’s going to be a great summer!

Toughest you will find

Review by: from Colorado on 9/15/2018
I was driving through the mountains and found a Tower2 board on the side of a mountain highway. It is still inflated and no damage in any way. For where i found it it had to fly off a vehicle. I will buy one next year for my wife.


Review by: from AR on 8/9/2018
Great board, can't believe how hard it gets, really feels like a hard board.

Great Board

Review by: from Tokyo, Japan on 8/5/2018
Took our new board out for the first time on Sunday to Kashima, Ibaragi Pref., Japan. Got it via Amazon. It’s great. Worked perfectly in 2-3 ft. Swells. Seems very well made. Very rigid at 10 psi. It is easy to carry in the back of the car. I keep it in a duffle bag for protection. Inflating with the pump is quick... but hard work to get to 15 psi. This will come with us on trips to Hawaii, etc.


Review by: from Riverside, Ca on 7/27/2018
I am relatively new to SUP’ing, was deciding between this one and the Body Glove ISUP from Costco(which a friend bought). I felt that the Tower was a little less stable that the Body Glove was only an inch or so narrower, but 6” shorter. The quality of construction of the tower is on point.

I absolutely LOVE my Board!!!

Review by: from Tennessee on 7/12/2018
I had only been paddle boarding one time. I loved it. I started looking to buy a board. One I could handle on my own. And I’m no spring chicken. Well I could not afford to buy one being a single female trying to make my way in the world. While looking in the Tower website I happened upon a contest giving away a package...... well.... yep this girl won!!!! And I am absolutely thrilled. It’s easy for me to carry around in my middle suv. Super easy to inflate and deflate and the joy and peacefulness on the water is awesome. Thank you Tower! Referring everyone I know to your company!!

Adventurer 2 iSUP

Review by: from Colorado on 7/9/2018
great board for the whole family! Stable and fast if you wanted to be.. tracks great!

looking to grab the iRace next when the next sale comes!


My second tower review - no buyers remorse. Bought a second ISUP

Review by: from Maryland/Delaware on 7/3/2018
My recommendation to those considering an inflatable, get the Tower. Stay away from the box stores and their ilk. You need a warranty and a great product and customer service. Tower provides this! Bought the 10'4" package. Few days later bought a second package. Then a few days later bought the electric pump. Spending every other day ISUPing. Grandkids love it. I did lots of research and had never been on a board but am a fit 70 years. Even though I pump iron I got the electric pump. So easy. Inflates two boards to 10psi in no time. Everyone asks about them. I've seen lots of inflatables that will last for a few outings but it's easy to spot the difference in construction. I recommend Tower. The price point is negligible when you consider that you are out on the water and need quality. Inflatables are neat. I can go from the bay's and beaches in Maryland and Delaware and then to downtown Annapolis, inflate in the parking lot at Ego Alley and plop in for an hour or so. Then out, deflate and grab some food and drink in historic Annapolis. I drive a midsize sedan and put both in the trunk. I've got the American made hi tech trunk liners and floor mats. No fuss, no muss. All locked up! No roof rack or wind resistance or advertisement that says steal me.

Adventurer 2 pkg.

Review by: from Wausau WI on 7/2/2018
Very pleased in general but not receiving any real instructions was a bit unnerving. Figured it out trial and error except for the pressure gauge. Still have no idea how it works. Giving four stars of five.

Exceeded all expectations.

Review by: from Ocean City, Maryland. on 6/6/2018
I'm almost 70. In good shape and didn't think the inflation was hard. Sat and paddled then paddled kneeling then stood. The board is exceptional and all the rave reviews are absolutely correct. Going to buy a second one so we can have two family members on the water at the same time. Great product.

Wow! What a great gift

Review by: from Landisville Pa. on 5/31/2018
I received the Adventure 2 as a Mother’s Day gift. I love this board. It’s very stable and rides well above the waterline. Can’t wait to take it to Maui on my next trip. This board is so much nicer than the rentals I had used prior.

Great maiden voyage

Review by: from GLEN ALLEN, VA on 5/23/2018
We took our boards out for the first time to a local reservoir. Inflating them took about 5 minutes each to get to around 12-14 PSI, which wasn't too difficult. We also took our dog, a 45lb hound mix, on the maiden voyage. While she made standing somewhat trying when she moved around the board, the board was very stable and felt almost solid. We had a great time and would recommend these boards to anyone looking for a well-made, inflatable paddle board.

Great paddle board!

Review by: from Wisconsin on 5/16/2018
Thank you for making such a great paddle board. I bought the adventurer 2 last May (along with the electric pump) and I absolutely love it! So far based on my high recommendation of your board 6 of my friends have bought one too including my mom with more friends looking to buy one as we speak! Today my friend Sasha and I went out for the first time of the season on glass water on a beautiful lake in Wisconsin. It started out at 56 degrees but soon warmed up. I couldn’t ask for a better start of my day. I think I could be a remote sales rep for you guys!!

Great value!

Review by: from Lakewood on 5/11/2018
It is exactly what I expected and the quality is there. Been using it almost daily!

Adventurer 2 iSUP

Review by: from Holly Springs on 4/9/2018
I was thrilled to receive my new SUP! I opened the box, unrolled it, and began to inflate it. I couldn't do it! It was way to difficult to inflate. I don't know how other women do it.

Inflatable SUP

Review by: from on 10/24/2017
Great service, fast shipping and terrific product. Highly recommend!

Awesome Customer Service

Review by: from on 10/23/2017
I have had two interactions with this company. The first was to replace a part on a friends paddle board. The experience was so seamless, it was the main reason I purchased my own paddle board! You guys ROCK!

Great paddle board

Review by: from on 10/20/2017
Very light, stable paddle board. Very compact when deflated.

Love the inflatable!

Review by: from on 10/12/2017
This is my fifth board and perfect for bringing with you if you want to travel with your board or do not have a roof rack. Very solid ride. Highly recommend!