Competitor 12’6” Carbon Matrix

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  • Competitor 12'6" SUP race carbon fiber paddle board

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The Tower Competitor 12'6" - an aggressive racing SUP designed in the USA with the latest ultra stiff carbon matrix construction will satisfy the competitor in all of us... at well over $1000 off retail prices with our manufacturer direct business model.

Towers Competitor 12'6" features cutting edge carbon matrix construction to create a stunning blend of form and function. In elite racing, it's all about having an ultra light board that is also ultra stiff. The carbon matrix construction serves both masters well as these boards only require a single 10oz layer of carbon matrix material that gets a speed finish. The white space in the mesh means we can lighten up the black color of solid weave carbon fiber without resorting to painting via a brushed carbon look (which adds weight). What's more? The triangulation of the carbon matrix strands makes for a stiffer configuration than a cross hatched carbon fiber mesh. It's the best of both worlds. The result is an aggressive racing SUP designed for any competitor that wants a lightning fast paddle board designed in California by one of the worlds premier racing SUP shapers at a fraction of retail racing SUP offerings.

At only 28.4" wide, this board is not for your everyday rider. It was designed with an elite SUP racer in mind, and thus features a displacement nose, a water-shedding front deck design, and the unparallelled stiffness/lightness combination afforded by the carbon matrix construction. The standing area drops down for a low center of gravity on this narrow racing shape. The combination of a flat bottom and the displacement nose makes this board surge horizontally forward and back, instead of inefficiently up and down as you paddle.

Tower's Competitor is a beautiful blend of technology and aesthetic design. This stylishly futuristic board features a 10 oz layer of carbon matrix material on top and bottom joined at a cut lap along the rail. This is the same carbon matrix material used in sails on elite racing sailboats because it's the absolute latest and greatest technology at producing stiffness without the weight.

Benefits of Carbon Matrix Construction

Ultimate Stiffness - Compared to traditional epoxy and fiberglass construction, carbon matrix boards are substantially more rigid. In fact, they are even stiffer than boards made out of full carbon fiber mesh.

Less Susceptible to Overheating in the Sun - As EPS foam starts melting at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, having a black carbon fiber board lying on the beach has never been a great idea. Brushed carbon fiber boards were one answer, but that required adding a white/light paint layer and then sporadically wet sanding it off to "lighten" up the board color while also minimizing the added weight of the paint. Carbon matrix construction achieves the same "lighter" absolute color without any paint as the holes within the matrix let the lighter color of the board shine thru on a good percentage of the surface area.We do sell a white SUP board cover separately that can be used with this and other dark colored boards.

Lighter - A solid carbon fiber mesh has always been thought to be the lightest way to get the stiff, strong shell benefits of carbon fiber in paddle boards. With our carbon matrix construction, that involves parallel strands of carbon fiber conjoined by thin triangulating strands, the benefits of the triangulation create more rigidity with less material. Add to that you don't have to paint the boards to bring down the overall color valuation (overheating concerns of solid black), and weight is minimized thru design, not layered on paint, which adds weight.

Stylish design - The look of these boards really blows people away. The carbon matrix looks like nothing else on the market and gives the board a clean, stylish, and futuristic design.


Weight: 23 lbs with SUP pad & SUP racing fin

Dimensions: 126" length by 28.4" width by 5.7" thickness

Volume: 214 Liters

Nose Rocker: Flat

Tail Rocker: 2 inches

Fin Configuration: Single racing fin configuration

Onboard Accessories: Standard hand slide carrying handle and an air vent

Included External Accessories: A single long board center fin and a Tower branded deck pad

Construction: Cutting edge carbon matrix construction. 1 lb foam core wrapped by a top layer of 6 oz fiberglass and a bottom layer of 10 oz carbon matrix (tri-axial carbon fiber), and a sanded speed finish

11 review(s)

Overall Customer Rating of 11 Reviews:

Competitor 12'6" carbon matrix

Review by: from Durham, NC on 5/6/2018
Very light-weight touring board, easy to transport and fairly stable. Have been playing for several months. I can get avg 4 mile/hour with medium output in calm water for a 1.5 h trip. Distance per stroke is about 9ft based on my Garmin Vivoactive HR (Kialoa Aloha SUP Paddle). I weigh about 150 pounds.

carbon race board

Review by: from on 10/17/2017
Its a good stable board quite light you cant beat the price.Still getting use to seeing the water flow over the top of the board and the water being pushed off to the side .Cant say if it any faster then my last carbon board yet haven't been off it enough to get enough rest.And its been windy every time i have been out on it.Plan on using it in a few races next summer.

Competitor 12'6" carbon matrix

Review by: from on 8/7/2017
Overall good touring/race board.
Could be a great one with more ding resistance. I know the trade off would sacrificing the light weight.
You don't want to do that !

Very professional

Review by: from on 9/23/2016
I am satisfied with the buying process. I haven't try the products yet but they look good and the packing was excellent.

light, strong, and fast

Review by: from on 6/30/2016
very happy with the board, great price for true racing board.

nice entrylevel racing board

Review by: from on 6/20/2016
high quality board especially for the price!

A good board for a good price

Review by: from on 6/9/2015
First of all I have been paddling for 7 years , I am 67 years old and the Tower 12'6" is the 7th board I have owned . I bought this board because it was said to be 23lbs . It is under 24lbs which is the only board that I have bought that is within a pound of the advertised weight . I needed a light board because I have had 2 Rotator cuff operations .The board paddles fast and fairly straight for a board with the fin box so far forward . I always use a True Ames SWT ( shallow water touring )fin so all boards are compared with the same fin . This is the least expensive board and lightest that I have owned including my inflatable . I am impressed that Tower can sell a board of this quality for $999.00 . If you are looking for a race type board ( I feel that it is more of a touring board for me ) that is fairly stable for a 28.4" wide board this board could be for you. P.S. its kinda fun watching the bow wave .

12'6 carbon competitor

Review by: from on 5/18/2015
I just got my new board 12'6 competitor in April 2015. Did some research and decided to go with the Tower as I have several of their products and like them a lot. I was very pleased with the tracking and speed of this board. At this price and quality, you can't beat this board.

Can't believe how light it is!

Review by: from on 4/27/2015
DISCLAIMER: I am the Director of Communications at Tower.

I love inflatable boards for many reasons, one being that they're light weight and incredibly durable. I'm not very strong and don't want to worry about dropping a hard board when I'm transporting it, so I typically steer clear of this length. But at 23 lbs I can easily transport this board on my own.

You can't beat that for a 12'6" board. Not only that but it is lighting fast and maneuvers exceptionally considering its length. If I were to ever take up racing, this is the board I would choose without a doubt. The shape, weight, and price point of this board is truly unbeatable!

12-6 carbon matrix board

Review by: from on 4/17/2014
Wow. It's as good as I hoped for. Finally got it in the water and does it glide. Turns well too. Tracks we'll and doesn't feel all that unstable either. Can't wait till my first race.

Carbon matrix race board

Review by: from on 4/8/2014
Weather was finally good enough to tryout my new race board. Board is crazy light. Really fast I the water and glides beautifully. Turns good. Very reactive and
Handles well. Can't wait to try it out in a real race