Mini 7’10” Carbon Cross-Link SUP

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Mini SUP - Carbon Cross-Link Paddle Board
  • Mini SUP - Carbon Cross-Link Paddle Board
  • Mini SUP Carbon Cross-Link Paddle Board Bottom
  • Mini SUP Carbon Cross-Link Paddle Board Box Fin
  • Mini SUP Carbon Cross-Link Paddle Board Nose
  • Mini SUP - Carbon Cross-Link Paddle Board Rail
  • Mini SUP - Carbon Cross-Link Paddle Board Side VIew
  • Mini SUP - Carbon Cross-Link Paddle Board Deck Pad
  • Mini SUP - Carbon Cross-Link Paddle Board Air Vent

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The Tower Mini is a super lightweight, stylish, and convenient paddle board for riders under 150 lbs.

To make an extremely lightweight board that smaller riders can easily carry, we went dramatically shorter, wider, and thicker than traditional designs. To maintain the tracking of a longer board, we carved deep double concaves in the bottom and the result is a board that tracks more like a V-hulled kayak than a flat bottomed paddle board. From the top deck, it looks just like any other paddle board - it actually looks quite like an aggressive paddle surfing SUP at this length, but this board is specifically designed for flat water. At only 7'10" long, this board can stand vertically in most rooms so storage is much less of a problem.

The Tower Mini is a beautiful blend of technology and aesthetic design. This stylishly futuristic board features an an outer layer of 6 oz fiberglass and an inner layer of 10 oz high-tech carbon cross link material (it's kevlar, actually like in bulletproof vests), which adds shear strength and breathtaking design.These boards were designed in the California in Tower's San Diego SUP factory, yet due to our manufacturer direct distribution model they are $1000 cheaper or more than comparable quality boards sold thru retail by other brands.

Benefits of Carbon Cross Link

More rigid - Compared to traditional epoxy and fiberglass construction, carbon cross link boards are quite a bit more rigid.

Stylish design - The look of these boards really blows people away. The carbon cross link mesh looks like nothing else on the market and gives the board a clean, stylish, and futuristic design.


Weight: 19.5 lbs (includes deck pad)

Dimensions: 7'10" length by 32.5" width by 5.4" thickness

Weight Capacity: 150 lbs

Volume: 154 Liters

Nose Rocker: 6 inches

Tail Rocker: 1.5 inches

Fin Configuration: Single long board center fin configuration

Onboard Accessories: Standard hand slide carrying handle and an air vent

Included External Accessories: A single long board center fin and a Tower branded deck pad

Construction: Cutting edge carbon cross-link construction designed in California. 1.5 lb foam core with a wood stringer wrapped by a top layer of 6 oz epoxy glassing and a bottom layer of 10 oz carbon cross link. The final board has a sanded speed finish.

5 review(s)

Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:

7'10" board

Review by: from Minnesota on 7/19/2018
I love my new board! It fits perfectly in my Nissan Rogue. It is a bit harder to steer and quite a bit slower than my other larger heavier board. I'm short so it's worth it for me to be able to load it in the back of my car rather than on top and hit the lake quickly. I think I might try a larger fin like someone else suggested to help with the steering. It's a bit slow but I get a great workout.

Awesome Little Board

Review by: from Maryland on 6/23/2018
I wanted to really get to know this board before I left a review. I was hesitant to get it because I planned on using it more in flat waters than surf. Good in flat or choppy water. Just took it for a 6 mile ride and while it worked well as far as stability, tracking and speed are definitely not its strengths in long distances. The weight isn't too bad, the size is great - fits in my SUV and stands up in my house. Overall, I love this board for an easy to transport, quality built leisurely ride.

Love my Mini SUP

Review by: from on 8/31/2017
so the mini SUP is awesome. it is super light to carry myself and it fits right in the back of my SUV. so I can toss the board in the back of the car after work and hit the lake for an hour of paddle barding.

thanks Tower

Super light!

Review by: from on 3/25/2016
I had to have this board because of its design and weight. It is really good looking. I was looking for a board that was easy to carry and more challanging than my other boards. It is on both counts. I did replace the fin with a larger one to give it better steering control and that helped a lot.Very pleased with the board and customer service!

The only hard board I can stand up in my condo!

Review by: from on 4/24/2015
DISCLAIMER: I am the Director of Communications at Tower.

I am a huge fan of inflatable boards for many reasons, one being that I don't have storage or transportation for a hard board! That's until we got the Mini. This board fits in my car and I can even stand it up in my bedroom.

I am 5'10" and 130 lbs, so when I'm in the bay or flat water I still prefer my iSUP, but this board is better for the occasional ocean paddle when I'm in the surf.