Ultralight Inflatable Air Lounger by Tower

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Ultralight Inflatable Air Lounger
  • Ultralight Inflatable Air Lounger
  • Ultralight Inflatable Air Lounger Black

Ultralight Inflatable Air Lounger by Tower

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ULTRALIGHT WEIGHT - Not all air loungers are made of the same quality of nylon ripstop. Our ultralight model uses material that's both stronger and lighter, yet almost twice as expensive to produce.

- Take the air chair anywhere with the included carry bag. Makes hiking and going to the beach easy. Only weighs 23.4 ounces!

DURABLE - Inflatable lounger can rest on rocks, sand, grass, dirt, or water. Durable nylon ripstop exterior prevents rips.

EASY INFLATION - Inflatable lounger can be inflated in a few quick movements. You do not need wind or a fan to inflate. See video for instructions

HOLDS AIR FOR HOURS - The air lounger's high-end construction allows it to hold air longer with only a single layer of material.

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Note: The ultralight comes in black only, so this video is our double layer one.

Take It Anywhere

We think the best feature about the inflatable lounger is that you can easily take it anywhere. It’s small enough to fit with your gear on a hike and light enough to carry just about anywhere you go. Even better than our traditional double layer air chair (in blue), this single layer version made out of a more durable (and are more costly material) weighs in at only 1.5 lbs. Ideal for backpackers that are trying to shave every last pound! Any other folding or beach chair is going to be at least 5 to 6 times as heavy and much bulkier. The other option would be a blanket, which is a lot less comfortable on most ground surfaces. The air chair is the perfect solution for anywhere you go.

Ultralight Single-Layer Construction

Since it is so durable you can use it on just about any surface - sand, water, dirt, grass, rocky ground, etc. The specially coated, high-end nylon ripstop material used in our single layer air chair is comparable to the material used in the finest sails, parachutes, and hot air balloons. It protects against rips so you don’t have to worry about where you set up to relax. Additionally, it’s completely waterproof so it can act as a pool lounger.

Easy Inflation

In just a few quick movements your air lounger can be fully inflated and ready to use. It takes about a minute or less to inflate. You don’t need wind or a fan to get it ready. You also don’t need to run around looking silly. Just stand and inflate and you’re good to go! See our video in the product images for inflation tips.

Extremely Comfortable

It’s like having a sofa anywhere you go. The center seam prevents you from completely sinking into the middle so you can lounge comfortably. The air makes a much more comfortable seat than a regular beach or camping chair.

Quick Details

This ultralight version of our air lounger weighs only 1.5 pounds. Hold up to 350 pounds. Around 68” long when inflated (varies based on amount of air). The inflatable lounger can fit two people sitting sideways, like on a couch. Clean with wet towel. When lounging lengthwise you will notice one end lifts up to act as a headrest for additional comfort.

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