Inflatable Air Lounger by Tower

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Inflatable Air Lounger by Tower
  • Inflatable Air Lounger by Tower
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Take It Anywhere

We think the best feature about the inflatable lounger is that you can easily take it anywhere. It’s small enough to fit with your gear on a hike and light enough to carry just about anywhere you go. Any other folding or beach chair is going to be at least 4x as heavy and much bulkier. The other option would be a blanket, which is a lot less comfortable on most ground surfaces. The air chair is the perfect solution for anywhere you go.

Durable Material

Since it is so durable you can use it on just about any surface - sand, water, dirt, grass, rocky ground, etc. The Nylon Ripstop protects against rips so you don’t have to worry about where you set up to relax. Additionally, it’s completely waterproof so it can act as a pool lounger.

Easy Inflation

In just a few quick movements, your air lounger can be fully inflated and ready to use. It takes about a minute or less to inflate. You don’t need wind or a fan to get it ready. You also don’t need to run around looking silly. Just stand and inflate and you’re good to go! See our video in the product images for inflation tips.

Extremely Comfortable

It’s like having a sofa anywhere you go. The center seam prevents you from completely sinking into the middle so you can lounge comfortably. The air makes a much more comfortable seat than a reg

Quick Details

Air lounger weighs 2 pounds. Hold up to 350 pounds. Around 68” long when inflated (varies based on amount of air). The inflatable lounger can fit two people sitting sideways, like on a couch. Clean with wet towel. When lounging lengthwise you will notice one end lift up to act as a headrest for additional comfort.

1 review(s)

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Perfect product, easy to use!

Review by: from Eliot, ME on 4/16/2017
This lounger is fantastic. It arrived quickly, on Friday, and I tossed it in my duffel bag and brought it with me to visit relatives for Easter weekend. It is so compact, it's smaller than my toiletries bag. With so many family members in the house this weekend, I actually slept all night on this lounger in the living room! The company claims that it will stay inflated for hours and that's an understatement! It's been inflated for over 16 hours, 9 of which I slept on it. The rest of the time, the kids have been lounging on it, jumping on it, and there has been no visible leakage. Works like the dry bags I own; you just fold the opening, roll it a few times to get the desired firmness, and clip the buckle.