7'6" The Fun Board (Sunnyside Up)

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7'6" The Fun Board
  • 7'6" The Fun Board
  • 7'6" The Fun Board - back
  • 7'6" The Fun Board - fin box

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More than just a sport, surf is the ultimate from of self-expression. In celebration of the spirit of surfing is this newest collection of surfboards from Tower. Our main product was paddle boards, and now we make surfboard as a new adventure to introduce to our beloved surfers. Equally suited for the waves or simply hung on the wall as a piece of art, the boards are the epitome of the classic aesthetic of surf culture, inspired by the water, Sun, and all things surf. Each of the boards features a timeless shape combined with high quality of hybrids, carbon,wood... that perfect for those who love the ocean and surfing as much as Tower.

- This board excels in punchy surf, it doesn't necessarily have to be "huge" as you will find the fun board come into its zone in anything chest high and above with some power and hollower faces.

Funboard Tech Specs:
Flatter entry rocker with accelerated tail kick.

Single to double concave.

3-fin set up.

Squash tail.

What we like:
- The funboard is smooth as silk in waves with solid push. You just need to surf on the ocean and you will feel it. The board felt right at home on 1-2' overhead barreling surf.

- This board was cut well, catches waves really easily and can be ridden short in length, with makes it fit nicely into tight places on rounder shaped surf.

- This type of board works really well in thick, round waves, squash tail.

- They don't have to be big, they just need to be squash in tail, round waves with push. If you try and surf a "normal" shaped up in these waves, it will feel stiff and "long" as the longer board won't fit into the tight, round curves of wave. As you know, bigger board always feels "big" where the fun board has the same volume, paddle and drive felt really good, never "big or long" and fit the curve of the wave perfectly.


Dimensions: 7'6''” length x 21 1/2” width x 3” thickness

Volume: 50.8L

Weight Capacity: Up to 210lbs

Construction: EPS

Tail: Squash

Fin system: Futures

Fin setup: Tri

Fin: Included

Tail Patch: Yes

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